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Board of Directors

President: David Steele 

- Chairs Executive Committee meetings
- Ex-officio on all committees
- Liaison between Judo Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission, and Sport Nova Scotia
- Co-ordinates the work out of all offices
- Draws up and presents all grant requests
- Signing officer for cheques
- Ambassador for Judo Nova Scotia
- To be a National Councilor at AGM

Vice President: Mike Lavoie

- Same duties as the President in his/her absence

Treasurer: Rae-Leah Douglas

- Banking
- Keeps records of all monetary transactions
- Reports in writing to each Executive meeting
- Helps draft applications for budget
- Signing officer for cheques
- Keeps receipts
- Cash disbursements

Secretary: Karen Townsend

- Takes minutes of Executive Committee meetings, distributes to Executive and clubs within ten (10) days
- Maintains records
- Maintains and updates mailing list
- Withdraws from minutes of meeting of the full year all motions, and categorizes these motions for publication

Member at Large, Government Funding Liaison: Carrie Forbes*

Member at Large, Club Liaison - Mainland: Doug Macaulay

Member at Large, Club Liaison - Cape Breton: Wayne Jenkins 

Member at Large, Social Media/Promotion: Mikayla Latimer

Member at Large, Events: Jason Scott

Member at Large, Fundraising: Vanessa McCarron

Past President: Chris Hattie

- Same duties as the president in his absence
- Chairman of the constitution committee
- Using his accumulated experience, to assist his successor, in the transition of office in a smooth and orderly fashion

Technical Director (Non-elected): Scott Tanner 

Registrar/Administrative Coordinator (Non-elected): Graham Young

*conditional on 60 days as a registered Judo NS member